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Application of our own know-how
We use proprietary hard drive repair expertise to streamline and simplify data recovery techniques.
Free diagnosis
The diagnosis is basically free of charge. All orders are processed exclusively in our Berlin laboratory.
Confidential treatment of the data
Of course, your data will be treated confidentially (according to § 5 BDSG).

Samsung hard drives come in 1.8'', 2.5'' and 3.5'' formats and can have the following interfaces: SATA, SAS, IDE. Samsung hard drives, like any other hard drive, are prone to problems that can lead to data loss. However, there are specific problems with Samsung hard drives:

Defective read/write head block (read heads)

A failed read/write head is the most common mechanical problem with Samsung hard drives. What is unpleasant in such cases is that if the read/write heads fail, the surface of magnetic disks on Samsung hard disks is damaged much more frequently than on hard disks from other brands. But compared to other manufacturers, such as Seagate, Samsung hard drives offer the option of starting from each reading head individually and reading the data disk by disk. In the event of a head failure, the data disks will exhibit moderate surface defects caused by the read/write head touching down. Important system and data tracks can be corrupted by these media errors. This can prevent the hard disk from working properly and accessing the stored data. Mechanical damage to the corresponding read/write head can also damage the surface of a storage medium. Data recovery from a Samsung hard drive with a defective read head may take place under certain laboratory conditions in a clean room and with specially developed software and hardware.

Electronics defect in a Samsung hard drive

The most common cause of internal hard drive circuit board failure is improper power supply connection. Samsung USB external hard drives are even more prone to surge damage than internal hard drives. While many external desktop drives use a 12V power supply, other external power supply outputs exist, including 19V and others. If one of them is accidentally connected to a 12V device, the hard drive electronics will burn out.

Compared to other manufacturers, Samsung's hard drive contains little adaptive information in the firmware on the circuit board electronics that initiate the hard drive's boot. Thus, the adaptives can usually be replaced or recalculated during data recovery. The adaptive information is stored in an 8-pin serial flash chip or in the main controller of the Samsung electronics. A memory chip is commonly referred to in the industry as a ROM chip. The adaptive information stored in ROM is specific to each Samsung hard drive, so simply replacing the circuit board will most often not restore the hard drive to a working condition.

Motor stuck on Samsung hard drives

The most common reason for a Samsung hard drive failure is a stuck motor. This can be caused by a fall or plain bearing failure. The data recovery is carried out in compliance with clean room laboratory conditions and requires careful handling. A mistake here can cause irreparable damage.

Our Samsung hard drive data recovery success rate is over 96%.

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Data recovery process

Be vigilant and do not attempt to salvage the data on the device yourself. This can make recovery impossible.

It is best to contact us in advance by telephone or e-mail and let us know your questions about the damage.
Diagnostics in the laboratory
After receiving the device, we start with the damage diagnosis. We analyze the nature and extent of the existing defect and determine the recovery time.
Diagnostics, which roughly describe the damage to the hard drive and determine a price range for data recovery, are carried out by us immediately. You as a customer have the opportunity to decide on the continuation of the work.
Process of recovery
Our experts perform data recovery on specialized modern equipment.
Returning Recovered Data
We will of course send your data carrier and the data that we were able to recover back to you.

Data recovery from storage media from other manufacturers

All orders are processed exclusively in our Berlin laboratory. The data recovery from mechanically defective hard drives takes place within a dust-free environment of our clean room workbench of clean room class 100.