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X Datenrettung — if you definitely need your data.

X Datenrettung provides a complete expert service around hard disks and other storage media types:

  • Data recovery from mechanically and electronically damaged hard disks;
  • Data recovery of damaged directory structures (FAT, NTFS, HFS +, Ext2, 3, etc.);
  • Data Recovery from RAID systems;
  • Data Recovery from USB sticks and memory cards (Flash Memory — SD, CF, CF II, XD, MS etc.).;
  • Data recovery from flash disks (Solid State Drive);
  • Computer Forensics;
  • Passwort Recovery.

By applying the most advanced technologies and by optimizing the workflow, the company X Datenrettung realizes the data recovery from damaged storage media of all kinds.
This service is especially appreciated by those who already had experience with the data recovery sector. Also, for professional data recovery companies.

We keep those for the success irrelevant costs as low as possible and — besides the extensive expertise in modern techniques of data recovery — also aim at the best price-performance ratio for the data recovery.

Datenrettung Speichermedien

The general price for professional data recovery is already rather high — even if the hard disk is not seriously damaged. This makes a professional data recovery unprofitable or even unaffordable for many customers and often results in an attempt to solve the problems on one’s own account or to contact a company with limited possibilities.

In addition to our technical cooperation with specialized firms, manufacturers, experts and scientific institutions at an international level, we conduct our own research to make the data recovery safer, more efficient and cost-saving. In doing so, we apply our own know-how in the field of data recovery for perfecting and simplifying the data rescue process. The application of innovative methods and the optimization of the workflow enable our company X Datenrettung to achieve the highest success rates in the industry while keeping our prices low. We assess the risks and set them in relation to the costs. That’s how we decide whether we can offer a particular service cheap but with good chances of success.

We work closely with our customers. We inform our customer about the necessary steps and risks so that he can decide himself about the method of data recovery.

We take all possible precautions to keep the data source intact. Generally, we work with an image copy of the disk. Of course, your data will be treated confidentially (according to § 5 BDSG).