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Application of our own know-how
We use proprietary hard drive repair expertise to streamline and simplify data recovery techniques.
Free diagnosis
The diagnosis is basically free of charge. All orders are processed exclusively in our Berlin laboratory.
Confidential treatment of the data
Of course, your data will be treated confidentially (according to § 5 BDSG).

X Datenrettung specializes in NAND data recovery using special technologies. Our engineers have extensive experience in repairing Android or Apple mobile phones. This experience enables us to recover your data in most cases, with a success rate of over 90%. This result distinguishes our engineers in the field of data recovery from Android cell phones and other Android devices throughout Germany.

The cell phone data recovery process is usually damage dependent. A distinction is made between the following causes of data loss on Android and Apple devices:

  1. Physically damaged mobile devices, e.g. if your phone has been dropped or water damage has occurred.
  2. Logically failed mobile devices, e.g. due to software errors, deleted data or formatting of the memory.
  3. Electronics failure, e.g. failures due to overvoltage or other electronic problems.
  4. Flash memory failure.

The failure within a flash memory happens more often than expected. The reason for this can be found in the architecture of the memory. Individual blocks within the flash chip only allow a limited number of write operations. If a mobile device is used intensively, a partial failure of the flash chip may occur. If the flash memory chip now has defective blocks, the result is that the data originally stored in these blocks can no longer be read. If some of the defective blocks are in the registry area, the mobile device can no longer allocate the data stored in the affected blocks.

With the help of our specially adapted hardware and software tools and the corresponding spare parts, we are able to modify the defective mobile devices in such a way that we can read out most of the lost data or create an image of the flash memory in raw physical format.

In most cases we can recover your data for the issues listed above for the standard price of €357.

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Data recovery process

Be vigilant and do not attempt to salvage the data on the device yourself. This can make recovery impossible.

It is best to contact us in advance by telephone or e-mail and let us know your questions about the damage.
Diagnostics in the laboratory
After receiving the device, we start with the damage diagnosis. We analyze the nature and extent of the existing defect and determine the recovery time.
Diagnostics, which roughly describe the damage to the hard drive and determine a price range for data recovery, are carried out by us immediately. You as a customer have the opportunity to decide on the continuation of the work.
Process of recovery
Our experts perform data recovery on specialized modern equipment.
Returning Recovered Data
We will of course send your data carrier and the data that we were able to recover back to you.

Data recovery from storage media from all manufacturers

All orders are processed exclusively in our Berlin laboratory. The data recovery from mechanically defective hard drives takes place within a dust-free environment of our clean room workbench of clean room class 100.