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Terms and Conditions for Data Recovery

  1. General
    The following General Terms and Conditions are part of all contracts, orders and arrangements made by the company X Datenrettung with its client.
  2. Description of the services
    X Datenrettung offers the service of recovering lost data from different kinds of storage media.
  3. Service Contract / -agreement
    No written form is necessary for the realisation of a service contract or an arrangement with X Datenrettung. Orders are valid and accepted by handing over the data carrier to X Datenrettung.

    • Diagnostic Order(Standard Recovery)
      X Datenrettung offers a short, temporary diagnosis free of charge, nevertheless obliging. If the diagnosis has proved that the data recovery can be done to the conditions of the step standard recovery, the data recovery order is valid as given and the data recovery it is made without additional consultation with the customer.
    • Order for Data Recovery
      After the diagnosis the client receives the information about the possibilities and prices of the data rescue. By acceptance of the offer, the order becomes obliging in case of sucess.
  4. Terms and Due Date
    X Datenrettung offers in general no express service. It can be necessary that the data recovery must be carried out in several steps. This is, e.g., the case if it is ascertained that for further working processes certain materials are needed. This can possibly take several days.
  5. Offers and Prices
    All offers and prices are subject to change. Price increases with running orders are allowed and the customer will be informed about price changes early enough. A price increase entitles the customer to an extraordinary right of rescission.

    • Payment of the service, forwarding expenses and cost of materials
      Payment of the service is only due in case the data recovery was sucessful. If not agreed otherwise, the recovery of the essential part of the information is regarded as success. The forwarding charges for the mailing type chosen by the client have to be taken by the client regardless of whether the recovery was successful or not. If special materials are required for the data recovery, e.g. an identical hard disk, the customer gets informed about it and has - provided he agrees - to carry these costs whether the recovery is successful or not. In order to store the safed data, the client has to provide a data storage device with sufficient space or pays the purchase of an adequate media through X Datenrettung at current prices.
  6. Conditions of Payment
    Those prices agreed on while having placed the order will be calculated. The customers receives his data only after complete payment.
  7. Applicable Law, Place of Performance, Place of Jurisdiction
    The place of performance and jurisdiction for both contract parties is Berlin; the court of jurisdiction shall be the responsible court in Germany. Exclusively German right is valid for the whole legal relations between X Datenrettung and the customer to the exclusion of the UN-purchase right. The place of fulfilment and legal venue is Germany.
  8. Liability
    X Datenrettung gives no guarantee for sucess for understandable reasons. For the risk of loss by dispatch, damage or loss of the data, the company X Datenrettung cannot be held responsible, only if the loss was caused deliberately or with gross neglicence by X Datenrettung.


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