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Price & Conditions

No data, no fee!

X Datenrettung spezializes in recovering data from physically and electronically damaged hard disks.

The diagnosis is free of charge, nevertheless, binding till the amount of the step standard rescue.

If the diagnosis has proved that the data recovery can be done to the conditions of the step standard rescue, the order is valid as given and the data rescue is made without additional consultation with the customer.

Diagnosis in 5 minutes

For those customers who come directly to our company, a temporary diagnosis which roughly describes the damage of the hard disk can be made immediately.

Standard Recovery

357 Euro incl. tax / from 3TB – 535.50 Euro incl. tax

This includes data recovery:

These cases often express themselves quite fatally (scratching noise, not recognised by the BIOS, Windows does not start) and are classified by computer experts as especially difficult or even impossible. Nevertheless, by means of our own special technology and special procedure, we could carry out more than 50% of all orders under these conditions.

Special Recovery

500 – 1000 Euro incl. tax

In complicated cases the customer gets informed about the price after the diagnosis.

This includes data recovery:

In case of a special data recovery the customer gets a cost estimate first and has the possibility to decide on the continuation of the work.

In case the result of the diagnosis is that the data can not be safed, NO charges will be incurred.