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Some questions about data recovery

Why are your prices so favorable?

We keep our prices as low as possible by optimizing our working processes. We do not primarily concentrate upon the acquisition of new customers but upon the development of more elegant technical solutions. We do not pursue any cost intensive advertisement by third suppliers but focus on online presence and wide recommendation. We use our own innovative technologies and thereby recover the data of our customers faster and more effective. We work on these technologies together with other data recovery specialists worldwide. This many-sided expert knowledge acquired thereby about technical qualities of different models, revisions, series and their compatibility enables us to make the process of data recovery more effective and to solve many, even complicated or unsolvable cases at the price of our standard recovery. The waiving of an express service and therefore reduced opening hours allow us to further reduce the prices for data recovery.

Why don’t you offer an express service?

Most data recovery cases are finished within 2-5 working days without an express service. For a data recovery of damaged hard disks, data carriers of the same model are often required as a donor or for other purposes. There are hundreds of hard disk models and revisions. To buy them all and to hold ready, an at least 5-figure amount would be necessary yearly. By Internet trade like eBay, it is possible to purchase the necessary hard disks short-dated. However, with rare models it could last longer. We have the most common hard disk models in stock. The client can talk with us about a faster handling in every individual case.

After the customer has described the case, can you define the problem and quote the price?

The devices and operating systems with which hard disks are tested at home or in a PC shop are intended for the work with perfectly functioning hardware and not for mistake diagnostics. The tools that carry out surface scans cannot distinguish, for example, defective sectors from defective heads. Usually, the description by the customer just leads us to the conclusion that the hard disk is defective.

Why is the diagnosis binding?

We want to concentrate upon the recovery of your data. Diagnosis and data rescue are processes which recur on the whole. If we approach your data during the diagnosis process, it simply makes sense to save them immediately than to discuss the price first. In order to estimate the degree of the damage in case of surface damages, the surface must be scanned. However, it is reasonable to immediately copy that data while scanning them.

Every diagnosis, whether free of charge or not, is no harmless and safe process. During the diagnosis the hard disk is more or less manipulated by the data rescuer. Possibly, one can get the data after the diagnosis only at the company which has carried out the diagnosis.

Can you also save the data of hard disks after damage by fire or water?

After long-standing experience in repairing hard disks, X Datenrettung offers its services for data recovery of physically and mechanically damaged hard disks since 2003. Till now there was no hard disk that was damaged by fire or water (however, by Coke). Some other factors like incorrect manipulations of the hard disks for example, affect the possibility of a data recovery far more negative than the elements fire and water.

What are your success rates?

Unrealistic statements regarding the success rate for data recoveries often reveal more about the marketing strategy of a company than about its technical possibilities. We could definitively help in more than 85% of the cases handed over to us and this at a reasonable price. The remaining cases are a little more difficult to judge. Either the expenditure was too big and accordingly the price was too high for the customer, or the hard disk had a such damage that no more data rescue was possible.

Data recovery head crash

Unfortunately, there are also cases that don’t allow a data recovery even theoretically. The head slider has completely destroyed the magnetic surface.

Why is it so expensive to change the head arm?

To change the head arm is a serious operation. An exchange of the heads doesn’t bring the hard disk back to its original state. After the exchange of the heads, the old settings are not value anymore. However, by means of special techniques, it is possible to read the data.

I only need some files. Does the data recovery thereby become cheaper?

It’s dependent on the state of the hard disk. Three main processes can be specified for a data recovery:

  1. get access to the data surface if the hard disk has a technical defect
  2. make an image copy of the data carrier, especially if other processes are risky or impossible due to the state of the hard disk.
  3. the software data recovery if the file list is damaged and files must be searched for.

In easier cases, one or two steps of this procedure can be left out.

I was told by a PC expert that the hard disk would be absolutely dead. Can you, nevertheless, do something?

We cannot estimate the knowledge of other experts (e.g., friends, PC emergency services, administrators, other data recovery suppliers etc.). Those experts that we can count on are known to us personally. General PC knowledge and general equipment of the PC workshops are not sufficient for a correct diagnosis of a hard disk. We exclusively deal with data carriers and therefore we have more possibilities.

Do you recover the data of physically damaged hard disks on your own or do you transmit the hard disks to another data recovery company?

We have all necessary technology in the area of data recovery and work on all cases ourselves — whether with hardware or software damages.

What else is important?

The data recovery specialist is no magician and can only try to save the lost data.

Do not forget: always make backup.